You’re in the business of helping others.
But who helps you?

The non-profit landscape is unique and competitive–and we can help you navigate it. Advance NYC is a leader in meeting the flexible, on-demand needs of non-profits. Our creative team of experts has helped advance the work of dozens of mission-based organizations through a combination of big picture strategy and on-the-ground, tactical execution.


Why We Are Different

Our skilled team aligns side-by-side with your staff to work with you, rather than dictate to you. The result is a customized work plan that leverages your staff capacity, promotes your organization’s assets, and broadens your institution’s horizons—all to advance your mission and meet your financial goals.


Advance is Collaborative.

We build a tailored team to complement your existing staff, delivering integrated strategies that expand your organization’s capacity and augment its current skills.

Advance is Adaptable.

With an array of services under one umbrella, we respond to your non-profit’s unique and evolving needs through an approach that drives comprehensive strategic improvements while yielding robust returns.

Advance is Experienced.

Our staff brings extensive expertise in the non-profit sector in areas such as event production & management, marketing, fundraising strategy, and corporate sponsorship—and understands how these functional areas impact one another.

Select Specialties


Business Solutions

Back Office Support
Financial Analysis
Interim Staffing
Systems Development


Capital Campaigns
Corporate Sponsorship
Institutional Giving
Special Events

Growth Strategy

Board Strategy
Brand Analysis
Capacity Building
Strategic Planning